easyPABX has dis-continued their free service!!

Use pbxes.org instead. See this how-to.

Nokia E60 SIP Account Setup using easyPABX (NAT support)


  • Nokia E60 (SW version 1.0610.02.15 RM-49)
  • SIP account (I have musimi.dk)
  • Tested with Linksys WRT54GS


    Free easyPABX account

  • Goto http://www.easypabx.com
  • Create an account (It's free. Just be sure to use it once a month or it will be gone.)
  • Extension

  • Select Extensions and click the New Extension icon then click the Edit icon of the new extension
  • Extension: 201
  • Name: 201
  • Password: e.g. 1234
  • VM: disabled
  • Email: <your_email> (blank will yield "Address not in use" on phone)
  • Click the Save icon
  • Direct Dial In

  • Select Direct Dial In and click the New Direct Dial In icon then click the Edit icon of the new Direct Dial In
  • DDI: <musimi_account_number> (8-digit phone number)
  • Extension: 201
  • UserName: <musimi_account_number>
  • Password: <musimi_account_password>
  • Host: musimi.dk
  • isDefaultTrunk: Checked
  • Click the Save icon
  • Click the Submit Changes link in the left menu
  • Company ID

  • Obtain your Company ID by selecting Companies in the left menu, and observing the ID table field, e.g. 4200
  • Nokia E60 SIP Settings

  • Profile Name: easyPABX
  • Service Profile: IETF
  • Default Access Point: <nokia_e60_data_access> (e.g. WLAN)
  • Public user name: sip:201_4200@s1.easypabx.com
  • Use Compression: No
  • Registration: Always on
  • Use Security: No
  • Proxy Server

  • Proxy Server Address: sip:s1.easypabx.com
  • Realm: asterisk
  • Username: 201_4200
  • Password: e.g. 1234
  • Allow Loose Routing: Yes
  • Transport Type: UDP
  • Port: 5060
  • Registrar Server

  • Registrar Server Address: sip:s1.easypabx.com
  • Realm: None
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Transport Type: UDP
  • Port: 5060