Update firmware on the Motorola RAZR V3


  • Motorola RAZR V3
  • USB Cable (from the box)
  • Windows PC


  • You need to install the PST Phone Programmer Software (I use version 6.7 with a patch. Find both here.)
  • Install p2kman. This will install drivers needed for the phone.
  • When connecting the phone, the following devices needs to be installed:
    • Motorola USB Device - Accessories Interface
    • Motorola USB Device - Data Logging MCU Interface
    • Motorola USB Device - Test Command Interface
    • Motorola USB Device - Motorola Flash Interface
    Windows should try to do this as they are needed. Find the drivers for the hardware in the p2kman installation directory.
  • Start the MultiFlashFlex.exe file in the PST installation directory (\Program Files\Motorola\PST\
  • It is time to get the updated firmware. Find it here. I use a Monster Pack file (combined flash and flex), and after that install a Reflash if it is never SW or non-operator specific.
  • Select the file in the MultiFlashFlex Tool and select start. If the phone is in the devices list, you should be flashing.
  • Go here for Operator Settings (in danish)
  • Note that the flex files I found already have three MMS setups, which is max. Go to MMS Message Setup and delete setups under Server Info, in order to receive new settings from Motorola.