Network Sync from Palm T3 through Motorla V3 RAZR


  • Motorola V3 RAZR with Telmore GPRS subsription
  • Palm Tungsten T3 (Phone Link Update June 2005 installed)


    On PC:

  • Right-click HotSync (tray icon) -> Network checked
  • Right-click HotSync (tray icon) -> Setup -> Network
  • Check users to allow network sync
  • Select TCP/IP Settings...
  • Observe Primary PC Name to be used below on Palm
  • Primary PC Address: <LAN ip-address>
  • Subnet Mask(Optional): (Use LAN settings)
  • On Palm:

  • Goto HotSync -> Modem Sync Prefs
  • Select Network
  • Goto HotSync -> Primary PC Setup
  • Primary PC Name: <hostname> (as in PC HotSync Settings)
  • Primary PC Address: <ip-address>
  • Subnet Mask(optional): <subnet mask> (as above)
  • Goto HotSync
  • Select Modem
  • Select Dial-up Connection (or GPRS if applicable)