GPRS Connection from Palm m515 through T68i


  • T68i with Telmore GPRS subsription
  • Palm m515
  • Connection from Palm to Phone modem (Cable, Infrared or Bluetooth)


  • Goto palm Preferences -> Network
  • Select New
  • User ID: internet
  • Password: internet (just so I don't get prompted)
  • Connection: T68i modem (connection to phone modem)
  • Phone: *98*3# (3 is the CID. Goto phone Menu -> Connect -> Data Comm. -> Data accounts -> (Your GPRS data connection; not wap!), CID=X will be displayed)
  • Select Details
  • Connection type: PPP
  • Idle timeout: Never (GPRS only charges pr. MB anyway)
  • Query DNS: checked
  • IP Address: checked Automatic
  • No script