The software on this page is freeware, as long as references to the original software and author are maintained. Use at own risk.

Earth Albedo Toolbox v1.0

Matlab/Simulink toolbox for anylizing and simulating the Earth albedo received by a spacecraft, including tools for simulating the induced currents in photo voltaics such as Sun sensors. A description of the Earth albedo model is available here.


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  2. Bhanderi, D., Spacecraft Attitude Determination with Earth Albedo Corrected Sun Sensor Measurements, Ph.D. Thesis, Aalborg University, July, 2005.
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  3. Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) website:

Real-Time Workshop Targets

Linux Soft Real-Time Target v2.4

Custimized target for Real-Time Workshop from Mathworks. Model code is executed as highest priority task under Linux, and POSIX timer signals the model task at every step time. This target is intended for hardware-in-the-loop control applications.

Comedi Toolbox for LNX Target v1.0

The Comedi Toolbox provides four Simulink blocks, analogue and digital I/O, which communicate with the installed I/O devices through the Comedi interface. This toolbox is intended for for use with the LNX Target for Real-Time Workshop.

Almost Real-Time Target v2.0.0

Custimized target for Real-Time Workshop from Mathworks. Model execution sleeps for a full step-size, hence the execution time is added to the actual stepsize, and delays accumulate. The target supports Windows, Linux, and Solaris, and is intended for rapid prototyping through Simulink's external mode interface.