Dan D. V. Bhanderi

Systems Engineer, PhD


Born May 4th, 1977, Denmark

+45 4242 4642


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Profile                     In the last 11 years, I have been the industrial prime Engineering

Manager on the largest Danish space project to date,  ASIM – an external observatory for the International Space Station. I have been the technical authority from the early definitions of the project to the detailed design, manufacturing, and verification phases, as well as coordinator of the engineering integration from sub-contractor levels, up to the ESA, NASA, and SpaceX stakeholder levels. This work has given me experience in working with R&D in an international environment, with highest levels of quality assurance, and stringent process requirements.

My career has given me the opportunity to work in many projects with national and international recognition, and stays abroad as stagiare at the European Space Agency in The Netherlands, and as visiting researcher at Stanford University in the U.S.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the violin and volleyball.


Skills                       Technical Manager

Cross-disciplinary coordination of system development, design control, change management, trade-offs, engineering integration, root cause investigations, and non-conformity resolution. Sub-contractors and supplier management and documentation control. Chairing technical interchange meetings, issue tracking, and follow-up. Definition and execution of project milestones (SRR, PDR, CDR, QR, AR). Coordination with project management and quality/product assurance.

                                Requirements Management

Requirement analysis and tracing of requirements to lower level specifications, design control, verification and test plans, analytical verification and overall verification control documentation.

                                Integration and Test Manager

Definition of manufacturing, assembly, integration, and test plans. Integration procedures, test specification, and test procedures. Coordination of test readiness and post-test reviews.


Experience             Terma A/S                                                                       2007-present

                                Systems Engineer

Engineering Manager and Lead System Engineer on ASIM working for the prime contractor project office. Requirement management of stakeholder requirements, definition of sub-contractor baseline specifications, and verification control at all levels. Technical management of sub-contractors.  System integration and test management.  Engineering integration with International Space Station, SpaceX Dragon vehicle and Falcon-9 launcher.  Safety engineering, coordination with project management, risk management, and product assurance management.


        Aalborg University                                                           2004-2007

                                Assistant Professor

Research and teaching within estimation, hybrid systems, and intelligent autonomous systems. Supervision and coordination of the AAU CubeSat development program for engineering education. Coordinator of the master program Intelligent Autonomous Systems (8th to 10th semester).


Selected publications:

1.     Nielsen, J. D., Bhanderi, D. D. V., The Engineering Space Workforce of Tomorrow - The Integrated Space Engineer. In AIAA Space 2007 Conference and Exposition Proceedings, Long Beach, California, 2007.

2.     Bhanderi, D. D. V., Modeling Earth Albedo Current on Sun Sensors for Improved Vector Observation. In AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Proceedings, Keystone, Colorado, 2006.

3.     Nielsen, J. D., Alminde, L., Bisgaard, M., Laursen, K. L., Bhanderi, D. D. V., A Large Scale Problem Based Learning InterEuropean Student Satellite Construction Project. Contributions to the International PBL Conference in Lima, Peru, 2006.

4.     Bhanderi, D. D. V., Bisgaard, M., Alminde, L., Nielsen, J. D., A Danish Perspective on Problem Based Learning in Space Education. IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems, Vol. 21(7):S_19 - S_23, 2006.

5.     Amini, R., Larsen, J., Izadi-Zamanabadi, R., Bhanderi, D. D. V., Design and Implementation of a Space Environment Simulation Toolbox for Small Satellites. In 56th International Astronautical Congress, Fukuoka, Japan, 2005.

6.     Bhanderi, D. D. V., Bak, T., Modeling Earth Albedo for Satellites in Earth Orbit. In AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Proceedings, San Francisco, California, 2005.

7.     Nielsen, J., Bisgaard, M., Alminde, L., Bhanderi, D., Space Related Education at the University of Aalborg, Denmark. Nordic Space Activities, Vol. 13(No. 2):pp. 8-14, 2005.

Education              Aalborg University                                                           2001-2005

                                PhD, Control Engineering

Thesis: Spacecraft Attitude Determination with Earth Albedo Corrected Sun Sensor Measurements


                                Aalborg University                                                            1996-2001

                                Master of Science in Engineering, Control Engineering

Thesis: Attitude Estimator for Rømer